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What should I be doing when I am giving healing?

Often, our first experience of a Reiki healing is accompanied by the ‘healer’ giving us incredible intuitive information such as where in our bodies there are blockages or issues, intuitive insights, even spirit guide information.  It can lead you to believe that all Reiki practitioners should be giving such information, and as a result place pressure on us, as practitioners, to be ‘doing’ something during our treatments for others.

It is true that many Reiki practitioners have wonderful intuitive tools that they use during their Reiki healing sessions with clients, and many intuitive or natural healers are often drawn to Reiki where they can combine their intuition very effectively with a Reiki treatment.  However, a Reiki treatment does not involve this intuitive element and being intuitive is not a pre-requisite for being a fabulous healer.

Reiki is a flow of Universal life force from the practitioners hands, into the client.  It is the client who absorbs the energy and it is the client’s cells who use the energy for healing and balance.  as a result there is no need for you to be involved in the process at all.  In fact your involvement does not necessarily bring about better healing and could be a limiting factor if you give information that is incorrect or bias.  Better to remain an open vessel than a meddling busy-body 😉

As an open vessel you job is to remain as ‘neutral’ as possible – by being open you as essentially allowing more Reiki to travel via your hands into your client.  Open means your mind is as quiet as possible, you are focused on being present with your client.  You are present and in the room, not daydreaming or writing your shopping list in your head.  It means you are radiating acceptance, love, support without being needy of having them do anything in return.  You don’t need them to heal, to change, to feel your Reiki.  You simply trust the Reiki to do its job, and you trust your client to absorb and use as much or little Reiki as they need.

Many of us during these quiet moments receive information for the client.  This information can be in the form of more sensations in certain parts of their body, or intuitive messages or suggestions.  If you are new to this then take it slow and take care with what you share with your client, and what you withhold.  Often people who first start getting more intuitive messages become over-zealous and begin describing every small detail to their clients!  Apart from being quite annoying, it is also unnecessary and not particularly helpful.  What you need to distill is not the dramatic images you saw but the final message – what does your client need to hear in order to take them to the next stage of their healing?

For example: If you see them as unhappy in their childhood, is this useful for them to know?  Don’t you think they know that already?  If you see them as unhappy or angry – can you, with an open mind and heart, ask for more intuitive wisdom as to what your client needs to do to break free of the negative emotions?  Or where your hands need to go to help them harmonise further?  Using the intuitive information you get to further open to the healing is a wonderful way to enhance your treatment, and of course if you find you are intuitive it is amazing to watch it develop and grow as you become more experienced.

So in giving a Reiki treatment, do not expect intuitive guidance.  Start first with an open mind and be present (check out the discussion on mindfulness).  Then watch what happens and accept that whatever happens is perfect for both you, and your client.

How has this developed in you?  Has your lack of intuitive insight dampened your enthusiasm for giving Reiki?  Or has it got you into trouble with unexpected experiences?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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