The Reiki Centre Survey

Reiki Survey

1. Reiki increases positive mental states

  • 87% of people noticed more peace after Reiki 80% noticed more happiness 80% experienced less stress

2. Reiki is culmulative

  • People who self-Reiki daily experience three times more benefits than those who self-Reiki less than one hour per week.

3. Reiki is successful in helping a wide range of issues

  • The full report highlights over 200 case studies and personal stories we received from around the world testifying to the efficacy of this therapy.

The Summary:

The following is a summary of the key findings from the Reiki Centre Survey.  Please feel free to disseminate any of the report findings provided in this summary as long as this acknowledgement is quoted in full:

Excerpt from The Reiki Centre Survey, 2010

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This survey quantifies aspects of Reiki that have been reported anecdotally by Reiki practitioners over the years.  It helps to provide deeper understanding of how the benefits of Reiki are experienced.  Of particular focus is the aspect of self-treatment, termed ‘self-Reiki’ in this report.

1.1 Aims of the Survey

The first aim was to identify areas of wellness that respond best to Reiki, be they physical, lifestyle or emotional/mental elements.  The second aim was to more deeply understand the key criteria for successfully utilizing Reiki to provide the maximum benefits.

1.2 Key Findings

1. Areas of wellness that respond best to Reiki are emotional/mental elements; specifically increased feelings of contentment, peace, self-love, and happiness; as well as a decrease in negative emotional states such as stress, anxiety, and anger.

2. The key criteria for successfully utilizing Reiki is the amount of self-Reiki administered.  Reiki is a cumulative therapy; the more hours of self-Reiki the respondent does, the better the results they report.

1.3 Methodology

The survey went online from January 16th 2010 to March 31st 2010. A total of 546 respondents completed the survey.  All responses were collected using the online software provided by  Survey requests were sent to Reiki Masters asking them to disseminate the information to their students and postings linking to the survey were made on Reiki-related sites, newsletters and social media networks.

This survey was designed to gather personal perceptions and experiences in order to help quantify the benefits of Reiki.   To measure the level of improvement perceived, questions relating to the three areas of wellness (ie. lifestyle, physical, and mental/emotional) were answered using a five-point scale:

1. Significantly worse 2. Worse 3. Same as before 4. Improved 5. Improved significantly.

General or lifestyle – for example:

  1. Overall wellness

  2. Diet & nutrition

  3. Exercise

  4. Sleep quality

  5. Smoking