The Reiki Centre Survey

Reiki Survey

1. Reiki increases positive mental states

  • 87% of people noticed more peace after Reiki 80% noticed more happiness 80% experienced less stress

2. Reiki is culmulative

  • People who self-Reiki daily experience three times more benefits than those who self-Reiki less than one hour per week.

3. Reiki is successful in helping a wide range of issues

  • The full report highlights over 200 case studies and personal stories we received from around the world testifying to the efficacy of this therapy.

The Summary:

The following is a summary of the key findings from the Reiki Centre Survey.  Please feel free to disseminate any of the report findings provided in this summary as long as this acknowledgement is quoted in full:

Excerpt from The Reiki Centre Survey, 2010

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