The Importance of Lineage

Excerpt from Reiki - A Path to Freedom

During the attunement process, the Reiki master is taught a ritual to follow. This ritual is important as it holds the teacher in a lineage. The ritual itself is a morphic field, a doorway if you like. Every time the ritual is performed in combination with the Reiki symbols, it brings you into the lineage that flows back to Mikao Usui.

As someone aware of his true nature, Usui created his form of Reiki to light the way for others, pointing a finger to the moon, as it were. And the moon, the thing he is pointing to, is the truth that we are all universal source appearing as individuals.

As we step into the attunement process, there is a sense of merging of the attuner, the attuned, and Reiki. This insight changes both the attuner and the attuned. The transformation may be so subtle it seems imperceptible. You may not have felt a thing. But receiving an attunement shifts your personal perception.

As a Reiki master following the ritual, you yourself do not have to be enlightened and aware of your true nature (thank goodness!), because Usui carved out the path for you those many decades ago. All you need to do is use the symbols and the attunement ritual, as it was taught to you. Think of it like you would a piece of music.

The enlightened master was the composer who wrote the symphony, and you only have to follow