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Start with the End in Mind

I've recently begun working for a salary again, the first time receiving a pay check since 1999! It's fascinating returning after 20+ years working for myself. It's weird too. In order to do anything I need to discuss it with others, run it by different departments, ask for help, pass certain actions up the line and down the line. The biggest thing I have noticed is the amount of energy caught up in confused activity - so much wastage!

When you work for yourself you basically do everything - if you want to update the website, you update the website. If you want toilet paper in the toilets, you go buy toilet paper. If you want to change the strategic plan for 2022, you change the strategic plan. When you work for a company as an employee you can easily get stuck in the "not my job" mentality and this can lead to inertia, complaining, disempowerment, a sense of stuckness.

I have noticed in my short time in this new role, that segmenting tasks into "my job" and "your job" is only as good as the understanding of why we are doing a particular job. You need to know the outcome of things. For example I was asked to set up measurements for my therapies, but when I asked what these measurements were needed for, how they are used, no-one seemed to know. Am I comparing my therapy with another therapy being offered? Am I comparing patients before and after? Am I comparing patients on my therapy versus the patients without therapy? As you can imagine, each of these outcomes require completely different measurements.

But all people seem to know is "we need to be accountable, and we need to quantify things". I'm looking at things as a business owner and thinking - hmmmm. Measuring for the sake of measuring is a complete waste of energy, and sets you up for failure.

This reminds me of the Steven Covey Lesson in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People; "Begin with the End in Mind". It got me thinking about so many things happening around us at the moment.

I wonder what we would re-engineer or re-think if we were clear about our own End in Mind. As we move into 2022 - the promise of a greater clarity and insight, a greater harmony and balance needs to be aligned with our greater vision for our own futures. I don't mean this in any grandiose way, conquering the world with Reiki, or becoming some world renown healer...I mean simply, "where are you headed?" If you want peace in your life, you need to let go of what takes you into war. If you want autonomy, you need to let go of what keeps you enslaved. If you want happiness, you have to stop clinging onto your unhappiness.

This may seem obvious, just as obvious as my enquiry as to "what am I measuring this for?" But think about it, do you actually measure your actions, your thinking, your language against any measurement geared towards your goals?

Let's say your goal is to be "at peace" - do you take note every time you are not at peace, and then let go the resistance to whatever throws you off? It's a tough thing to do! And somewhere in our resistance is the urge to be right, or righteous. To be heard, validated, appreciated which at the time, is more important than our goal to be peaceful. How often have you thought "this or that will make me more at peace", when you fix this issue, or help this person, or tell that person how they wronged you. Does that feel peaceful to you, all this fixing and doing? Or could you just measure each thought and action - "is this peace?" - and if it's not, let it go.

As we head into the great promise of 2022, how about setting your End in Mind? what is the final destination you would like to head towards? what is the yearning inside of you?

Then begin to steer yourself towards that, unwavering. When are you off track? When are you reacting or responding in a way that moves you away from your path. You'll see that it does require tough questions, and tough insights. You have to see how our egos prefer righteousness to peace, blame to autonomy, suffering to happiness. But like much of the unfolding happening in the world today, the veil is dropping, the truth is rising and in order to get what you want, you actually have to move with it, engage with it, surrender to it.

So what's your End in Mind?


Rusty Cuave
Rusty Cuave
Feb 28, 2022

I just starting to read a book on Meditation, Stay Woke, the author (Justin Michael Williams) asks the reader to do just as you suggest, Start with the End in Mind. I took 5 areas of my life and wrote goals for the next year by starting each line with "I am grateful for... (how this situation turned out the way I wanted it to)". So, feeling the goal as already completed and being grateful for the accomplishment in: Work and Career, Creative Passions and Hobbies, Physical Emotional and Spiritual Well Being, Relationships, Financial Freedom. Now I can review and change as I go along the next 12 months to reach really big goals like never before.


My end in mind is to enjoy and embrace each moment. Soon I will be 70. Many of the men I worked with have died. Many of those around me suffer with chronic illness. Many obsess and worry over that which they can not influence or control. I practice Reiki daily. I find it helps me to stay calm and present. It helps me to be aware of my thoughts emotions and sensations. I have an urge to help others but I am also aware that many simply aren’t open to being helped.

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