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Reiki Rule 4 – Work on yourself Daily

Reiki is cumulative, like eating good food and watching your diet – there is no point in eating salad for one day a week and then fast food the rest of the week!  Giving yourself Reiki should be a daily practice, and I would say you need to be doing hours and not minutes.  I classify 10-20 minutes a day as ‘casual’ Reiki, yes you will get benefits on a physical level and will feel more energetic and more balanced – this in itself is a great bonus, but what about the truly deep wellness that comes from a disciplined and committed practice?

The Reiki Survey shows definitively that hours of self-Reiki are directly related to results:

“If we use the rating for ‘General Wellness’ as an example, overall a total of 87% of respondents reported that they felt their general wellness had improved.  When plotted against number of hours respondents practice Reiki, there is a clear correlation between the results and the number of hours practiced.  For those who practiced less than an hour a week the perceived improvement (‘has improved’ and ‘improved significantly’ ratings) is 68%, this rises to 98% for those practicing for over 7 hours a week.” The Reiki Centre Survey 2010
hours of Reiki

Based on the Survey results and my own experiences – those who practice self-treatments on a daily basis reap much greater benefits than those who are haphazard or practice inconsistently.  The questions is ‘why wouldn’t you?’  I have found that my own self-practice has become so much part of my routine that it would feel very strange to go to bed and simply go to sleep.  For me, my hands automatically go to my face, I automatically begin to send to myself and yes, sometimes i am asleep in minutes, but more often I am awake, aware, and in a deeply grateful state of meditation which may last 20 minutes, and maybe the full hour.  Taggart is right, don’t judge yourself or feel bad if your practice is not a lengthy process every day, but do realise that a lengthy practice is what is needed to truly reconnect with your inner peace.  Isn’t that worth the time?

“What’s important here is the cumulative effect of using Reiki on yourself regularly, building momentum, small change building on previous small changes, taking you in the right direction for you. Far better to do a bit each day than nothing for days and then doing a great big, long Reiki marathon on a weekend. That would be a wonderful experience, of course, and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do a mega Reiki session of you can, but make Reiki a regular part of your daily routine and you will be amazed by the benefits that this will bring you… remembering, of course, that you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you don’t manage to use Reiki every day. Everything better than nothing is success and when we practise Reiki we embrace compassion and forgiveness, including forgiving ourselves for not being perfect, which of course we don’t need to be in order to gain tremendous benefits from this simple spiritual system.”  See Taggart’s full article here

Have your found it easy to start a self-treatment discipline?  What has helped you and what have you found difficult?  Share with us in the comments below!


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