Reiki Rice Experiment

We were inspired by Emoto’s rice experiments and decided to try our own Reiki version!  Two identical glass jars were sterilized by boiling water.  We then put 2 tablespoons of cooked rice from the same batch into each pot and created one control, which was left alone for the entire time, and one ‘Reiki’ pot which received a 1 minute blast of Reiki every other day.  Here are the results, pretty interesting right?!

As with all experiments, it is not easy to judge or decipher the outcome.  Why did white mold begin growing in the Reiki jar and not the Control?  How did the Reiki jar remain so white and fluffy? We don’t know what it means, we only know that in an experiment we are looking for significant differences in outcome.  Our only hypothesis is that Reiki makes a difference, and we can see that it does.  Its not a belief system or in our imagination – we can actually try it for ourselves with experiments like these.  Very groovy!

In the beginning: 2 identical samples

After 1 week: some browning on the control, Reiki jar looks fresh and some white mold beginning to grow

After 2.5 weeks: Control continues to brown, Reiki jar grows white mold prolifically

After 4 weeks: a significant difference!  Control rice is all brown with white spotting, Reiki is all white with a proliferation of white fluffy mold.  We didn’t open the jar to smell it, but the difference was very clear.

If you decide to copy this experiment, please post your photos here too!

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