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Reiki Case Studies with Cancer

Here are some case studies gathered on how Reiki has helped cancer patients worldwide.

“I have been diagnosed cancer six times since 1983 – went into remission five times with Reiki as the main adjunct!  Reiki has also supported me through osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and osteomyelitis.. it has been my Godsend and blessing!” Rose-marie Sinclaire, New Zealand

“I was working with a client for 6 months.  When we met she stated that she was afraid she was losing her spirit … for life, for living.  Now she has not only recovered her wonderful, vibrant spirit but attributes it openly to Reiki – even her husband and family have boasted of Reiki’s effect on her!  I looked forward to her sessions as she inspired me to be the best that I could be for her, for myself and for my other clients.” JoAnn, America

“When my friend was diagnosed with breast cancer I started doing Reiki 4-5 weeks before she started her chemo treatments. The tumor was the size of a quarter when we started and by the time she started her chemo it had shrunk to 1/3 the original size. During her treatment I helped her with nausea and the nerve damage she suffered as a side effect. I’ve done many Reiki sessions on cancer patients as a volunteer and they are consistently less nauseous and their energy level stays higher throughout the treatments.” John, America

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