Reiki and Yoga – An Insight from Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor Gauri Ramirez

As we know, Reiki complements any modality or spiritual practice, from conventional medicine to meditation to yoga. This week, we hear from Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor Gauri Ramirez, who shares with us how she integrates Reiki with yoga.


Yoga practice has been a tool of healing and a source of transformation in my life. When I discovered Reiki it was clear to me that both systems could work hand-in-hand, at least for my own healing process. I immediately complemented the 5 Reiki principles into the Yamas & Niyamas (the ethical precepts) and into Dhyana (meditation practice) of the Yoga System.

My first attempt of using Reiki while practicing Asanas (yoga poses) took place only recently during an intensive yoga teacher training. Being in my late 40s had never really bothered me until the day I entered that yoga room full of young instructors looking like the front page of the Yoga Journal! I felt intimidated, insecure and not strong enough to cope with such a challenging physical training and, for the first time in my journey as a yogini, I felt too old… I remember considering leaving the room when suddenly a soft and kind voice from inside told me: “Stay, you have Reiki now, use it”. I closed my eyes and mentally drew the Reiki symbols and I started my training with the pure intention of self-love and self-acceptance.  I started the Sun Salutation in tears and with a sense of humility and deep peace I never experienced before in my 6 years of yoga practice.   Only then, I realized that a meaningful yoga practice empowered with Reiki can break me free from social conditioning and constricting insecurities, and allow me to grow and expand my experience while honoring my age and natural limitations.

Q. Can you give us some examples of how you have integrated Reiki into your Asana practice?

Not long ago, with a great and compassionate yoga teacher  (Anusara inspired), I learnt that while holding a strenuous pose, we could be soft in the inside and physically fully engaged at the same time. This simple but powerful lesson helped me tremendously especially with balancing and inverted postures. I found that, instead of counting what sometimes seemed like endless minutes, I could use the time of holding a pose to scan the natural flow of energ