Practitioner Diploma versus Reiki 3/Master training?

Since the launch of my Practitioner Diploma program I have had a few emails asking me what the difference is between these pathways.

The traditional pathway in Reiki is Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki 3 and finally Master teacher training. This is because Reiki is essentially a self-healing modality so first you learn to do it on yourself and as you practice you may begin to develop an urge to pass on this gift to others. Essentially this traditional pathway is all about you, your personal growth, your inner enlightenment. At each step you learn about yourself, and you develop skills with Reiki to deepen more and more. I talk about each step and the potential to deepen in great detail in my book, Reiki - A Path to Freedom. Reiki is truly a unique opportunity to enlighten to your true nature.

If you are interested in spiritual and personal growth, this is the pathway I would recommend. Being able to work with all the symbols, to attune yourself and others to Reiki is a great gift - not only to yourself, but to the planet. The more of us enlightened to our truth and treading on this earth authentically, the better. This pathway is long - it will take a few years to complete because it is one of deep introspection and growth. I would say the longer and deeper you go, the more you will get out of the training.

If you are interested in teaching Reiki