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My daughter is more agitated after Reiki, is it too much Reiki?

Question: I have recently completed my Reiki Level 1 and have been doing Reiki healing for a week on my daughter. I do the 12 position healing for 2.5 mins on each position. It has done wonders for her!  But For the first 4 days she fell into a deep sleep before I finished the 12 positions. The last few days however it takes her awhile to settle and fall asleep even after I have finished the 12 positions. Have I done too much Reiki healing at one go, that now her body doesn’t need it?  Should I now do it on alternate days and do her Chakra on the days in between?

My Suggestion: 

Reiki is really a unique experience every single time, so a strategy that works for a few days will then change and it will be something else for awhile – but just be reassured you cannot do ‘too much’ Reiki on anyone.  You would simply notice your hands stop getting sensations as the Reiki would just stop flowing.

In your case I suspect the initial calmness is to do with the Reiki first entering the body and providing release and relaxation – the most common effect when someone first starts Reiki healing.  But then as the energy continues to deepen it will begin to work on more deep seated issues – root cause issues and icebergs.  This can be unsettling and even uncomfortable and this is often reflected outwards.

It is up to you if you want to moderate the Reiki, or keep to the balance that works for her – always take your child’s reactions as clues as to how much to give, and when to pull back.  When you give Reiki to others you always want to be gentle, it should never feel forced in any way.

To keep up with things and to grow your own experience remember its very important to keep doing your self-treatments, then you will begin to see the same thing happening for you too – sometimes the Reiki is very relaxing, sometimes it is agitating, even uncomfortable as it hits deep issues and releases.  Its just slowly working its way through all the garbage – and that’s not always easy or pleasant or calming 🙂

The most important belief or myth to let go of is that healing should always be pleasant.  It simply isn’t true, or realistic.  Healing is what it is, and it will release and work through many layers – sometimes you and those you Reiki will feel blissed out and wonderful, and other times it will bring up old wounds, suppressed emotions, and all manner of detox.  Every stage brings its own discovery, its own learning, and its own release.


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