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Moving into Healing as a Career

Many people, once they begin to do Reiki healing for others, begin to feel drawn to doing Healing as a ‘job’.  It feels like it will be a wonderful change to be a holistic practitioner instead of running the corporate hamster wheel!

And I would agree!  However, moving into healing is nothing like changing jobs – there is no salary, there is no corporate structure, in effect it is like becoming an entrepreneur and follows very similar rules to how you would go about setting up your own business.

Do you have financial support?

I have yet to come across any wellness centre, hospital or other institution that pays a salary to someone to do Reiki healing.  If you want to transition into healing or teaching my first advice is DON’T give up your day job!  Otherwise you are going to find yourself very desperate, very poor, and very disappointed.  When you first begin healing, you need to develop your expertise and your clientele – this may start with 1 or 2 people a week, if you are lucky.  Slowly by word of mouth and smart marketing you may attract a few more…and after several years you may be in a position to quit your job and focus on healing full time.  If this doesn’t sound good to you, then you may want to consider if you really have the stamina or commitment to building your reputation and your clientele.

Do you have enough experience?

In energy healing, as in any service, you need to have a proven track record – even something as simple as Reiki requires some experience.  Over time you will become much better at intuitively helping others.  You will learn how to deal with difficult or energy draining clients, and you will build your own resilience as a healer or teacher.  This takes time, patience, practice, and a very open mind to learn on the job.

Start small, friends and family.  Volunteer to give healings for a small energy exchange.  Find ways to practice and gain experience.  If you cannot find anyone willing to receive healing, take a look at the next point – it will apply to you!

Are you a good role model?

In energy healing, again as in any other service, you need to be ahead of your clients in terms of your expertise – no one is going to be attracted to you as a healer if you are not healed yourself.  So are you?  Have you done the inner work?  Are you at peace?  Can you model for your clients what you are trying to help them with?  If not, you will need to work through any limiting issues of your own first, before you can help others.  Of course that is not to say you need to be perfect!  But you do need to take a hard look in the mirror and ask yourself who really needs the healing?  As you progress on your own healing journey, you will find it easier and easier to attract clients, simply because they will want what you have.  If people are running away from you, you need to look inwards and heal yourself – no one runs away from a happy, healthy, peaceful healer.

Healing is a calling, not a career

People are called to be healers, in many respects they feel so drawn to it they are willing to give up everything, the corporate career, the financial security, the approval of friends and family.  People get pulled into it rather than trying to escape something else.  If you are considering a change in career because you hate your current job, you will never have the stamina to carry through.

If you are willing to surrender everything else, then you are looking at the right path 😉  so start with one foot in front of the other, and just find one person willing to have some healing, and then another, and then another…and repeat.

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