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Investigate your fear around COVID 19, is it just the "New Earth" energy?

With the world gripped by fear and panic around coronavirus, the energetic tremors are palpable. Its hard not to be sucked into the media frenzy and become all consumed by the stories, the gossip, and 'what ifs'.

But I encourage you to take a step back into your Reiki and meditation practice and take a good look at what this energy actually is. Remove your thinking and come into your peaceful space, your centre. Feel the energy as it is indeed palpable. It buzzes and frizzles, vibrates all around and through the body, comes in waves, makes you want to shout, shake, jump. Remove the media drama and investigate the source of the impulse itself. What the heck is going on here?

If you haven't caught my video on the 'New Earth' energies and what is making 2020 so hard, do check it out to understand the background.

So why, if it's true, is this 'New Earth' energy bringing with it a wave of viral illness? According to Louise Hay's book "Heal Your Body" illnesses may have a mental cause. In my own experience I have also found this to be often true. According to Hay, viral infections are energetic patterns of thinking around "lack of joy flowing through life. Bitterness", and pneumonia is "desperate. Tired of life. Emotional wounds that are not allowed to heal." That kind of sums up the "Old Earth" pretty well, wouldn't you say?

So here we are. The new energies are piling in at the rate of knots, shaking us in, out and shaking all about. We can do the hokey pokey and turn around, or we can collapse into our pit of tiredness, bitterness and lack of joy. Let's choose to turn around. What does the turn around look like?

Firstly, you cannot escape your own heightened fears. Spending just 5 minutes on the news wires or social media and watch yourself sink into all kinds of darkness. Watch, observe, what are these fears that grip me? Write it down on paper and do the work on them. Whose fears are these? Where are their origins? Are they true? Untangle your thought structures and see the programs running your subconscious life. This level of global fear is the most perfect opportunity to see what remains of all your personal growth work - thought patterns that could have easily slunk away from normal everyday fear resonance is no match for high alert pandemic fear resonance. You can run, but you can't hide! Talk about a gift from the universe! You want "New Earth"? Well here it is.

Secondly, come into your own inner truth. Spending 5 minutes, regularly throughout the day, stop what you are doing and breathe. Place one hand on your heart chakra, the other on your sacral (below the belly button) and breathe into both hands one at a time until you have calmed yourself and become peaceful, investigate this surge of charged energy. Imagine it to be the "New Earth" you have been waiting and hoping for. Here it is. Rest, become familiar. Yes, it is new, it is vibrating at a level our bodies have never felt before, we need to become accustomed to it, not run about frantically panicking. Touch into the depth, richness, hope and joy that comes with it. It resonates at a pitch and depth as if the universe itself has dropped a further octave. It's really quite breathtaking, and we get to witness it. How freakin cool is this?

Thirdly, welcome the unknown. We have no idea what will happen next. Global melt-down? Business as Usual? Enforced isolationism? Thinking about it will bring up fear (go back to step 1!) Breathing into the unknown and relaxing into your inner peace will bring you back to the present moment. Again, all your meditation, Reiki and yoga practice has brought you to this moment - the rubber is hitting the road, the moment of truth, how well do you really walk your talk? We really have no idea what is coming, can you embrace that fearlessly and surrender to it? The more you expand into the surrender, the more you will know what to do next. The more you close down into fear, the more stuck and frightened you will feel. Life is always like this, but now it's all been crammed into a petri dish for you to see it under the microscope.

Finally, expand your knowing outwards. If you are reading this, you are in a tiny minority of people that resonates with the idea of looking inwards in order to find peace and happiness. 99% of humanity looks outwards, so when the world collapses into fear, it feeds itself as everyone is looking outwards for answers, stability and calm. But it also only takes 1% to affect energetic change, so be that change. Centre yourself so that you can positively affect others. Don't add to the fear, but don't judge it either. Be the voice of reason, act consciously and calmly, when you meditate radiate your peace outwards to touch others. You don't have to argue, you don't have to cajole.

You can do it sitting in your living room, in isolation. How funny that the entire world is in an enforced state of retreat. Less distraction and activity is an opportunity for all of us to feel what is unfolding next. Be mindful of what you are adding to social media, to conversation, and energetically through your own projections. If you are a teacher or have a community, use this opportunity to reach out and send healing to the world as a group, to help others embrace the "New Earth" energy. But remember, it must start with you - this is the next evolutionary stage, coming into our own authentic centre and creating from there.

When we do so we create more joy, we release bitterness and exhaustion of having to follow other peoples' demands and wants. When we stand in our own authentic centre we automatically create through joy and we flow with life. This stance has a far stronger immunity, or at the very least, is a much more enjoyable way to live through these transformative times.

Here's a short meditation I hope helps!


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