Investigate your fear around COVID 19, is it just the "New Earth" energy?

With the world gripped by fear and panic around coronavirus, the energetic tremors are palpable. Its hard not to be sucked into the media frenzy and become all consumed by the stories, the gossip, and 'what ifs'.

But I encourage you to take a step back into your Reiki and meditation practice and take a good look at what this energy actually is. Remove your thinking and come into your peaceful space, your centre. Feel the energy as it is indeed palpable. It buzzes and frizzles, vibrates all around and through the body, comes in waves, makes you want to shout, shake, jump. Remove the media drama and investigate the source of the impulse itself. What the heck is going on here?

If you haven't caught my video on the 'New Earth' energies and what is making 2020 so hard, do check it out to understand the background.

So why, if it's true, is this 'New Earth' energy bringing with it a wave of viral illness? According to Louise Hay's book "Heal Your Body" illnesses may have a mental cause. In my own experience I have also found this to be often true. According to Hay, viral infections are energetic patterns of thinking around "lack of joy flowing through life. Bitterness", and pneumonia is "desperate. Tired of life. Emotional wounds that are not allowed to heal." That kind of sums up the "Old Earth" pretty well, wouldn't you say?