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Energy Interactions with Others

As the stickmen become more elaborate, and I learn to draw and chat at the same time…I only hope you can keep up with the new ‘eraser’ function, lol!

Today we are looking at a common issue for all levels of Reiki – as we learn to self-empower, old relationships take on new challenges and we feel more clearly the pull and push of our energy field when we interact with others.  After you watch this video, start to reflect as you interact with others who make you feel ‘uncomfortable’; where are they pulling your energy, where is the distortion in your own field?  You may feel it necessary to move away from these people for awhile as you continue to develop your own energy, but do be reassured you will reach that point of ‘stage 3’ where you can give your energy freely as you realise it is not yours anyway!

Please give us some feedback, any additional points or thoughts to expand on this theme?  What has been your own experience?


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