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Book Review: The Reiki Bible: The Definitive Guide to Healing with Energy

As the book title suggests, author Eleanor McKenzie aims to be as comprehensive as possible in terms of the topics covered in this nine-part book. The Reiki Bible provides the reader with a wide spectrum of information, from the origins and history of Reiki, Reiki in the 21st century; to chakras, meridians and auras; to practical guides like techniques and hand positions.

Parts 1 to 3 of the Reiki Bible is more information centric, and looks at the background and understanding of Reiki and the practice, as well as some information on the three levels and the symbols. It serves as a quick guide to various topics to give the reader a general understanding of the topic in question, so the reader can choose to use the information to aid his self treatments or healing practice – the chapter on the meridians for example can be helpful in this case. The chapter on breathing techniques is also useful and beneficial – in some Reiki lineages, breathing techniques are taught as part of the Reiki practice.

Part 4 through to Part 9 of the book has more of a practical focus, introducing approaches, techniques and positions for different recipients (baby versus elderly), life situations (ie pregnancy and relationships), and common health conditions and ailments – there is even a short chapter on different food that supports the individual chakras! All hand positions are clearly illustrated with detailed steps and photographs, and for practitioners who are drawn to using different hand positions for specific purposes, this is definitely a book you would want to own.

The Reiki Bible serves well as an easy quick flip reference for many things Reiki, without being too heavy on the elaborate details. This is not the book to pick up if you are looking for very in depth information on specific topics like the history of Reiki, but it is otherwise a good addition to your Reiki bookshelf.


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