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Are You Feeling the Changes?

We've been having some great discussions in the Container, our new community space - and many of us are feeling some distinct shifts as we move towards the New Earth. Nothing mind blowing - same concepts but much more permission in us to step up. Whereas we may have wanted to do things differently in the past, but struggled to find the will-power or the strength and courage, now it just feels effortless. We may say or do something and then notice afterwards how easy it was for us to be honest and authentic.

One thing we have noticed is the permission to be self-nurturing. That includes our own ability to step out of the drama of others, or to put our own nurturing before others. In the past we may have been running about taking care of everyone else's needs, now we are much more likely to leave it to them, distance ourselves, or just see very clearly it's 'not my problem'. For us empaths in the room, this feels weird, even selfish - but oh! How much better are y'all feeling for it?!

And where's the guilt gone? My goodness, I for one don't miss that! Do you feel less guilt, and more permission to take your life and flourish? Like a light bulb has gone off in your life and you are seeing that this is your birthright - you have been gifted this wonderful life from the Universe, and the gift includes free choice - what you do with your life, how you travel your own path, what you choose to fill it with, or not fill it with. Your life, your energy, your money, your time, yes yes!

So shake off the Old World guilt, shame, shoulds and shouldn'ts and start living the multi-coloured, multi-opportunity of the New Earth - it has begun!

Join us in the Container for weekly meetings and meditations, growth with like-minded people, and lots of love and appreciation for you showing up 100% as you!


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