Mentoring is helpful to help you build your Reiki business or take your Reiki teaching to the next level.  To work through particular blocks or issues, and to gain support to work through challenging transitions.

Mentoring Topics

  • Help you build your Reiki business or take your Reiki teaching to the next level

  • Work through particular blocks or issues

  • Gain support to work through challenging transitions

  • Deepen your Reiki or healing journey

  • Identify root causes of illnesses, injuries

  • Rebuild after trauma, relationship difficulties, loss or grief

  • Move into abundance, joy, positive thinking, new horizons

  • Guidance with spiritual growth issues, awakening, Reiki as a spiritual path

The Mentoring Process

When your life purpose is aligned to your inner truth you experience flow and success.  Sometimes it is helpful to have a sounding board along the way.

For mentoring to be successful you must be willing to commit, be open to the way things move throughout our time working together, and have courage to undertake introspection and change.


Coming into any process with clear aims and intentions is critical for success.  We spend time on clarifying your aims right at the beginning of our time together.


Commitment to your own daily Reiki practice is important.  Expect to spend time on personal growth, Reiki and journaling in-between our sessions.


You can choose adhoc healing sessions whenever you want, but my general advice is to plan for an intensive month.  You will get a lot done, and we will be able to build powerful new habits for your continued success.


Based on our initial consultation we will come up with a plan that works best for you, it may include video calls, distance healing, exercises, journaling, attunements and most probably a mixture of all of the above!  We will call in once a week with other contact points built in between.

Price guide: USD$75 per hour.

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