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Zhixin Lim (Shin)

Zhixin (commonly known as Shin) is an inspiring millennial healer and teacher who empowers those who want to make a difference in their lives.

She was a Business Analyst in one of the top Fortune 500 companies for years before she acknowledged and accepted that she was not truly living. In her quarter life, Shin started a deep search to find the true meaning of Life and her purpose in this world and encountered Reiki by chance from a book in a public library where her healing journey began.

The blessings of and trust in Reiki played a phenomenal role in guiding her to her path and also opened up her gift of auric insight into past lives. Reiki has also helped her with her past physical ailments including an injured knee from her Track & Field days, made her healthier and more at ease and peaceful in her daily life.

As a healer and teacher, Shin opens the door for her clients and students to learn safe and practical guiding tools and experience their own insightful journeys. Her nurturing nature and expressive disposition make her classes refreshing and a wonderful support for her clients and students. Besides Reiki, Shin also does past lives healing, meditation and spiritual teachings.

Shin loves to travel to see more of Mother Earth and Life. She writes and enjoys yoga, dance and Muay Thai among other forms of movement.

Visit Shin’s website to find out more about her healing workshops and classes:


Upcoming Reiki Classes with Shin:

Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th, 10am-5pm,
Venue TBC
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