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Tag: self-empowerment

The Iceberg Concept – Transcending Suffering

Posted in About Reiki, and New to Reiki

Excerpt from Reiki, Pure and Simple Every individual is unique and so is every individual’s journey with Reiki. It’s important to remember that Reiki itself is not ‘doing’ anything; it is simply providing the fuel – the energy – for you to do your own inner work. Healing is commonly…

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All Decisions have 3 options – stay/go/procrastinate!

Posted in Enlightened Living, and Reiki Blog

Do you have those times when you really just don’t know which option to take?  You draw up your pros and cons list, you discuss with family and friends and you just seem to go round and round in circles?  Well, there is no need to panic really as there…

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Reiki Master Pooja Arora’s Reiki Story

Posted in Case Studies, and New to Reiki

When she was 20 years old, Reiki Master Pooja Arora had a major accident which left her paralyzed. In spite of her doctor’s grim prognosis that she would never be able to walk again, Pooja made a full recovery with the exploring of law of attraction and creative visualization. It…

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