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Tag: self-awareness

Inner peace but outer chaos?

Posted in Enlightened Living, and Personal Growth

I received an interesting question via email recently, the person writing to me obviously had been doing quite a lot of self-development work, Reiki and other healing modalities, and was asking – “I’d love to know ways to transform inner experience into outside reality” I am guessing this person had…

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Dealing with your Intuitive/Empathic/Psychic nature

Posted in Body Mind Spirit, and Reiki Tips

I often get emails asking for help around the issue of ‘opening’. For many of us, as children, we had abilities beyond what our adult caregivers could fathom, and so we were told we were either ‘imagining’ things, or downright crazy. This was certainly my experience, and so I hid…

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Reiki as a doorway to pure Presence

Posted in Enlightened Living, Reiki Blog, and Reiki Tips

During Reiki self-treatment we gain moments of peace, when the mind is quiet and we get an experience of our true nature. We rest from the mind’s incessant thinking, and in this moment there is a great opportunity to witness our true being. I am understanding when people tell me…

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All Decisions have 3 options – stay/go/procrastinate!

Posted in Enlightened Living, and Reiki Blog

Do you have those times when you really just don’t know which option to take?  You draw up your pros and cons list, you discuss with family and friends and you just seem to go round and round in circles?  Well, there is no need to panic really as there…

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