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Reiki research in Hospitals and medical settings

Posted in New to Reiki, and Research

Over the years Reiki has become better researched as hospitals and clinics try to find ways to compliment their patient care.  I’m often asked if Reiki has any basis in scientific research, and this is my reply 🙂 IARP has put together a great summary of the research done in…

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The Rise of Complementary Therapy in Hospitals

Posted in Reiki Blog, and Research

“Providing quality care is part of the culture and mission of every hospital. The rise in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) reflects the continued effort on the part of hospitals and caregivers to broaden the vital services they provide to patients. Hospitals have long known that what they do to…

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Reiki Drumming | Reiki Drum Technique

Posted in Reiki and Other Modalities, and Reiki Blog

By Jaime Tanna There is a sacred relationship with the Divine through sound, and we have always felt this knowing deep within us and we consciously or unconsciously express this through our words (prayer) and our song (music). The mass spiritual awakening that humanity is experiencing today is leading more…

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