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Tag: authenticity

Inner peace but outer chaos?

Posted in Enlightened Living, and Personal Growth

I received an interesting question via email recently, the person writing to me obviously had been doing quite a lot of self-development work, Reiki and other healing modalities, and was asking – “I’d love to know ways to transform inner experience into outside reality” I am guessing this person had…

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Knowing Your Chakras – The Throat Chakra

Posted in Body Mind Spirit, and Reiki Blog

After covering the Heart Chakra a few weeks ago, we are now moving on to our upper three chakras, starting with the Throat Chakra. The subject of chakras is actually very extensive, so what we aim to do here is to give you a general overview, as well as suggestions to…

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The Difference between ‘Do’ing and ‘Be’ing

Posted in Enlightened Living, and Reiki Blog

Have you ever stopped to wonder ‘why’ you do all the things you do?  I started asking myself this recently as my back froze up twice in the space of a fortnight, and I decided to pay closer attention to what all my ‘busyness’ was really in aid of.  I…

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