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Rie Komiya

Rie is a gentle soul from Japan.  She started searching for her truth when she found that she was living her life for everybody else but her.  She started dance, meditation and was gradually introduced to Usui Reiki which has been THE everyday tool since the day she learnt it.  Reiki has helped her to reduce long-term lower back pain, made her healthier and more positive and hopeful in her everyday life.  She also discovered Kundalini Yoga and Crystal Singing Bowls. These healing modalities form her daily toolbox and have supported her in spiritual development, improved physical health, heightened awareness and energy levels and also given her the courage to be true to herself.

Her mission is to guide souls who have started searching for their truth and to equip them with practical and effective tools accessible to everyone, so that they are able to find guidance within themselves.  Rie provides a safe and supportive environment in both her workshops and healing sessions so that students and clients are open to have a full and empowering experiences.

She offers workshops in both English and Japanese.

Upcoming Reiki Workshops in 2017:

Reiki Level1, $450
Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th September 10am- 5pm
Venue: TBA
Saturday 14th – Sunday 15th October (in Japanese) 10am-5pm
Venue: TBA
Saturday 9th – Sunday 10th December 10am-5pm

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Other Classes:
Tuesday morning Kundalini Yoga Class @ One Heart

Wednesday evening Kundalini Yoga class @ The Yoga School


Private Reiki Healing session 

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