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Reiki Retreat

Deepen your Reiki practice with these experiential Reiki days and Reiki Intensives. Elaine guides you through your self-practice with tools to help you gain insights and confidence. Deeply healing, transformative and connecting you more consciously to your inner truth. Take time out in order to take time to go within.

SINGAPORE, October 2019

Reiki and Chakra cleanse day
Tuesday 15th Oct, 10am-5pm

Spend a day exploring the wisdom and language of your chakras through your Reiki practice. Tuning in to each chakra through our own self-practice and the primal vibrations. Then utilising our sending tools and symbols to deeply listen to our inner wisdom, gain insights, and release blocks, we journey through from the root chakra to the crown. Finally we harmonise, relax and nurture ourselves with a soothing and healing reiki self-care crystal bowl bath. A day of cleansing, releasing and deep inner listening. Gain more clarity and understanding of any issues you are currently facing.

Open to all Reiki 2 and above.

Reiki 3/Master Day
Wednesday 16th Oct, 10am-5pm

A powerful day to deepen your practice and amplify your healing. We will focus on the attunement process, creating a deeper connection with the sacred doorway, exploring how to step into universal source more consciously and mindfully. This is an experiential day for personal growth, expansion and healing. Connect with your attunements in a way that allows you fully realise your true self.

Open to Reiki Centre Level 3 and Master


Reiki Intensive and Nyepi Silent Day
22-26th March 2020

A profound opportunity to practice Reiki within the sacred Nyepi silent day, this 5 day retreat promises to deepen your relationship with Reiki as well as ground you into your inner silence and truth.

We combine the sacred practice of Reiki with meditation and yoga, delicious food and deliberate intention. A wonderful retreat to replenish and reinvigorate your self and your life purpose.

Come into alignment with your inner light and power. Only 14 spaces available for this beautiful gathering. For Level 2 and above.

Fee: S$750 includes 4 nights shared accommodation, flight transfer, breakfast and lunches, yoga and Reiki workshops.

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