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Reiki Music

These two Reiki albums are firm favourites in our Reiki community, imbued with a deep Reiki connection and used by many of us for our Reiki shares, healing sessions and self-treatments. My personal favourites! Available for mp3 download. Singapore $20 each.

The haunting sound of the loon, rainforest birds of Australia, sounds from deep within the earth all combined with spellbinding music that creates the perfect environment for deep relaxation and stress release.

12 tracks with clear distinct bells for ease of changing your hand positions.

Sadhana – “the path to love” is deeply relaxing music in 12 parts, each five minutes long, gently guiding you through a Reiki session. Acoustic guitar, keyboards and various wind instruments interwoven with the healing sounds of nature invite you on a relaxing inner journey.

Each track ends with soft wind chimes, perfect for a gentle reminder to change hand positions.

For your own personal use, please respect that Peter is a musician who relies on your purchases for his livelihood, if others enjoy the music please encourage them to support him and purchase their own album.