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Reiki Master Training

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Master’s training is an enormous personal commitment, both in terms of the actual deepening of your knowledge of Reiki, but also as a pathway to personal growth.  Most people find Master’s training immensely rewarding but few complete the training without facing some challenges.  You need to be prepared to be open minded, committed, and willing to spend the time required for your growth.  Reiki Master training is open to students who have done Reiki Level 3 with a Reiki Centre Teacher.

Please note that Master’s training is not automatic on completion of all previous levels and I reserve the right to decline training you if I feel you are not ready.

For Students from other Teachers, please read this first!

The training is divided into three core modules comprising of workshops and homework assignments.  Students can take any number of courses and take their time to complete each level before moving on to the next, or the entire three modules can be taken in succession, which leads to a Master’s certificate.  ALL three modules need to be complete in order to receive your Master’s certificate.  Each Module may be paid for adhoc at $780 per Module, or as a total package at $2,300.

Master’s training is also offered as an assignment based course for those who cannot complete all weekends, or who leave Singapore part way through their training.  Assignments are set and discussions with Elaine Grundy are held via skype.  Please contact us for more details.

Training 2017: Tentative dates

Module 1: 6-7th May, 10am-5pm
Module 2: 1-2 July, 10am-5pm
Module 3: 2-3rd Sept, 10am-5pm


This training is specifically designed to help you be a competent Reiki Master and is focused on Reiki knowledge, deep personal understanding, presentation skills, and marketing skills as outlined below:

1. Reiki knowledge – each module covers different topics normally covered in a Reiki 1 and 2 class and are designed to encourage you to research and formulate your teaching material.

2. Personal understanding – I expect you to find your own ‘Reiki’ point of view and will often push, prod and ask difficult questions.  Your understanding or philosophy on Reiki does not have to be the same as mine, but it needs to be plausible, coherent and clear.

3. Presentation skills – meeting in a group allows you to hone your presentation skills and get used to presenting the material standing up and to an audience.  A good presentation presence is critical in attracting your audience.

4. Marketing skills – once you complete your training you will be independent and will need to develop your marketing materials and strategy.  Much of developing as a Master is trial and error, but certain key tips will hopefully shortcut the process for you.

The Modules

Each module focuses on a different area of Master training, summarized below.

Module 1:  Reiki Level 1. This module focuses on the Level 1 class and how to teach it.  This is a two day workshop and teaches the final level 1 attunements.  We also explore more deeply the Chakras and holistic healing viewpoints.  Homework includes presentation skills and you are encouraged to begin teaching friends and family to get experience and feedback.

Module 2: Reiki Level 2. This module focuses on the Level 2 class and how to teach it.  This is a two day workshop and teaches the level 2 attunement.  We also explore more deeply the many tools and how to teach the symbols effectively.  After this module you are encouraged to begin teaching friends and family to get experience and feedback.

Module 3: Building your practice. This module completes your training with the final Master’s initiation ceremony and also focuses on building a Reiki practice as well as higher level techniques to develop your energy and raise your vibration.  To be effective as a teacher you must be able to attract students and this takes both business acumen and personal attraction.  This is a two day workshop primarily designed to stretch you both energetically and creatively.


Each module has homework attached and moving forwards to the next module is on condition that the homework has been completed.  There is minimum time of 2 months between each module.  In order to complete the required homework, you need to be committed to spending at least 2-3 hours per week on your training in between workshops.  Homework will include a mixture of research, preparing talks, treating and attuning others and personal growth journaling and self-healing.

Any student from a different Reiki teacher is welcome to contact Elaine if they would like to be considered for this training.  Please make sure you read this information first.

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