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Reiki and Singing Bowls: with Reiki Master Akiko

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Akiko1) Tell us a little about yourself and your Tibetan Singing bowl and Reiki practice. How long have you been a using these two modalities?

I am currently a Therapy Yoga teacher and healer and also teach Reiki and Singing Bowl therapy. My journey in self-healing started back in 2002 with Aura Soma Colour Therapy when my sister fell mentally ill and I thought of looking for a complementary solution to Prozac. Also, at around the same time I was in search of my real purpose in this life while busy travelling as an IT consultant.

I have been practicing Reiki, both Usui Reiki as well as other traditions of Reiki, together with various meditation techniques, since 2003. I learned the Tibetan Singing Bowl technique in Nepal in 2010. Back then, I was teaching yoga at an orphanage in Kathmandu as a volunteer and it became clear that my true path was to share the healing arts. I then decided to become a healer and a guide for those who want to take in charge of their life by learning how to heal themselves.

2) How does Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy work?

The healing from Tibetan Singing Bowls affects people through audible sound and physical vibrations from the bowls. Overtone sound and vibrations are the mediums for the healing.

I believe that the vibrations from singing bowls help in two major areas:

1. Firstly, we are made out of water and the vibration from the bowls touches the water membrane of our system which includes cells, bloods and any fluid part of the physical being. As you can imagine, it goes deep into our tissues, organs and heals within.

2. When our body receives those vibrations, our brain wave oscillations synchronise and tune into Alpha and Theta from Beta cycles very quickly. People often experience these states during meditation and also when we are in deep sleep. The heart beat is automatically reduced in these states and there is an improved sense of wellbeing. Being in Alpha and Theta states induces relaxation, repair, and promotes healing.

When our brain wave oscillations reach Alpha and Theta state, our bodies repair much quicker. Physical pain can also be reduced.

In addition to the physical level, Singing Bowl Therapy also heals deeper mental illnesses and psychological based issues. There are many issues related to psychosomatic illnesses that improve through sound healing and Singing Bowl therapy, especially with depression, anxiety, sleeping issues and lack of willpower.

3) How does Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy and Reiki complement each other?

Sound vibrations create currents or sound wave ripples in our water system to bring ourselves to harmony, so when combined with Reiki, healing can be achieved much quicker.

4) Do you include Reiki in your sessions, or is it on a case-by-case basis? If it is the latter, how do you decide when to include Reiki?

I decide on a case by case basis. My healing sessions are highly intuitive. For example, sometimes I mainly give Reiki and finish with Singing Bowls. Or in some cases, I mainly give Tibetan bowl Therapy and end with a short Reiki session. Sometimes, I do 50% Reiki and 50% Tibetan Singing bowl.

I make my decision based on four things:-

1. Patient’s issues

2. My intuition

3. His or her response to the energy if multiple sessions are given

4. Client’s preference.

5) Can you share with us an experience where you have combined Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy and Reiki?

A few years ago, my client wanted to find his path in life. He was feeling a lack of energy and direction, in a job that no longer gave him satisfaction, and under constant pressure with endless deadlines. He also wanted to boost his physical immune system as he was falling sick too often and was also facing sleeping problems due to anxiety issues.

I first used the bowls, letting the sound from the bowls guide in finding blockages and the areas that needed healing the most. I work with 7 chakra bowls, and from the sound of the bowls, I am guided to place my hands in certain areas that require healing. I then provided different meditation techniques for him to practice to further extend the healing.

After the session, my client immediately felt more energised and happy. The session lasted about an hour, but normally the vibrations and energy continue several days after the treatment. The client did not believe that could happen, but told me later that when he was leaving the island by a long tail boat, the resonance from the bowls came back to him like a wave of the ocean, and he realised the process was still ongoing. After a few months, he happily reported that not only had his sleeping problem improved, but he was also filled with joy and had an increase in personal willpower. He then learned all 3 levels of Reiki from me and took yoga teachers training. He is finding his path to be a healer and teacher.

When Singing bowl therapy and Reiki are combined, it not only improves the immediate issues but also helped him to realise his highest potential and life purpose. Why am I here? What’s my purpose? How can I serve?

The intention from the person receiving the healing is very important because one has to take control of one’s own life in the end. The energy from Reiki and Singing Bowl therapy can lead to a profound positive effect when one is wanting to move forward!

My wish is that readers enjoy this article and if anyone of you has questions, I am happy to answer. Please email me at



AkikoA native from Hokkaido, Japan, Akiko is a certified yoga instructor completing her yoga teacher’s training program in India in 2005. In 2006, she returned to India to study Therapy yoga and health and stress management from the Asian tradition of preventive practices. She also studied Reiki healing in Japan and most recently Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy in Nepal. Akiko now incorporates all of these therapies into her healing treatments. Her unique style of teaching combines eastern traditions such as Qi Gong with western contemporary dance allowing for a graceful and flowing movement during Asana practices. As well as teaching group and private yoga lessons, Akiko is available for healing treatments that include Usui Reiki, (Kundalini Reiki) and Tibetan Singing Bowl therapies to balance body, mind, and spirit.