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Pre-order Reiki-A Path to Freedom

My second book is due out in September this year and I am so excited to share it with you! If you would like a signed copy, please pre-order below. GB£11 (£4 shipping worldwide).

Our Reiki community is ripe for a spiritual book pointing at the deeper journey of finding our freedom via the Reiki tools.   It is time to step more fully into the power offered through our Reiki practice, not only for ourselves but for our students, loved ones, and the world.

Reiki is experiencing a huge shift in consciousness.

Learn how to ride the energetic wave through the four stages; listening to the body, aligning the mind, awakening the spirit and finally co-creating in life flow. 

The doorway is wide open to knowing ourselves fully and living in our truth. Through the shining of our own Big Bright Light we open to our own abundance and prosperity, Reiki is so much more than a hands on therapy!

We are blessed that Usui forged the way for us through his own awakening, leaving essential hints and signposts for us to follow.  We can follow this path allowing our authentic life purpose to emerge.

This book promises to evoke new thoughts and pathways in your own experience and practice of Reiki.  Taking the tools we already have and using them specifically for your spiritual growth may not be something you have done consciously and deliberately before, but there is much more to Reiki than meets the eye.  Welcome to your perfect unfolding process!

Thank you for pre-ordering below. GB£11 (£4 shipping worldwide).