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Meghna Kamath

An avid nature and animal lover, Meghna first discovered Reiki close to 20 years ago literally by accident, while on a hike in the Himalayas in her late Teens, and there has been no looking back. A practitioner since 2006, she has loved introducing her family, friends, pets, colleagues and extended community to this wonderful healing modality.

With a background in International Business Development and Marketing, she has lived and worked in some interesting corners of the world. As she learnt the different levels of Reiki, she went from leading a very crazy corporate life to a rather Zen corporate life; working through and healing areas in her own life that she didn’t even realise were dysfunctional. It gave her a much needed ‘soul lift’ as she loves to call it.

Speaking about her journey she says, “As I evolve, I would love to introduce Reiki to more healthcare organisations as a complementary therapy. I have been an active volunteer with the Red Cross Home for the Disabled, Singapore, as well as some animal shelters, sharing Reiki with their residents; enriching my understanding of energy work and healing. I also find it extremely gratifying when people share what a simple and easy to use practice Reiki is, and start reporting benefits within weeks of starting their self treatments.”

Meghna completed her Master Training with Elaine Grundy, at the Reiki Centre Singapore and started teaching in 2015. She moved back to India in 2016 following her heart and leaving the corporate world behind. She facilitates Reiki, Mindfulness and traditional Holistic Healing workshops across Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Gurgaon. She also offers Holistic Counselling to individuals and Corporates, incorporating ancient and traditional healing practices to cope with day to day modern stresses.

She is passionate about helping empower others to create more wholesome lives for themselves, taking their health and wellness literally in their own hands. Meghna is fondly known as the “Travelling Reiki Teacher” and has a special interest in Animal Reiki and traditional Self Care practices from around the world.

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