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Karen Taylor


Karen is a Reiki Master Teacher, a Yoga Teacher, a Hynotherapist and a Mum.

Karen began her Reiki journey in 2007. A year or so later, she decided to change her career from teaching, working for charities and organizing events and began offering Reiki Healing & Hypnotherapy sessions.

Inspired by the wonderful healing energy of Reiki, she completed her Kundalini Reiki Master training in 2009. She continued her training and graduated as an Usui Reiki Master Teacher with the Reiki Centre in February 2012.

Karen qualified as a Hypnotherapist (Certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists) with Jennifer Norris, Grey Matter Network in 2008.

She has been teaching the ‘Intuition Workshop’ since 2010 which is a great tool that can be used on it’s own or combined with other practices.

She qualified as a Yoga teacher with Union Yoga Ayurveda in Singapore in July 2016 and is now enthusiastically teaching weekly classes. She is certified with both the USA Yoga Alliance and the Indian Swami Paramhansa organisations (200/300hrs).

Karen is passionate about people finding their true potential. She wants to enable people to take that first step towards creating positive change within and without. She believes the power of the mind is phenomenal and combined with the Universal Life Force Energy of Reiki, a natural unfolding of each person’s unique potential can take place. She believes the happier one person is, the happier the world will be and likes the idea of a rippling effect for worldwide change.

She has found the loving, healing energy of Reiki and powerful tools of Hypnotherapy to be a catalyst in her own life and has a passion for passing this on.


Upcoming Reiki classes:

Reiki 1, $450
March 13th – 15th
May 7th – 9th

Reiki 2, $510:
June 5th – 7th

Other classes:

A Journey into Body, Mind & Soul
Monday 29th Jan & Wednesday 28th March 7.30-9pm
Nourish yourself with this beautiful blend of healing modalities that will stimulate every aspect of your being. I will lead you through a 50minute yoga practice, Natalia Padgen will guide a ‘hypno meditation’ whilst in an extended savasana & Elaine Yang will magically blend the experience with her crystal singing bowls.

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Private Healing Sessions:

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Reiki Healing Sessions