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Reiki Introductions

Our Teachers have put together a wonderful variety of introductions to Reiki; from talks to experiential sessions for you to try Reiki for yourself.  Find out more, ask questions and most importantly experience this wonderful healing energy for yourself.

Reiki Introduction

These sessions introduce you to Reiki, describe the benefits and what you can expect in an Usui Reiki workshop. Clarify any questions you have, and gain a better understanding of this amazing healing therapy. The talk includes an ‘attunement’ to Reiki where you will be able to experience the Reiki flow through your own hands.

We will culminate the session with a healing Reiki meditation and share so that you can experience the wonderful Reiki healing energy flowing through you. Post the session, you will have several weeks to play with the energy and see for yourself how healing it is.

Friday 6th October 10am-12pm
ReDefine Wellness, 333B Beach Rd
Free: Register here

Monday, 9th October 7:30-9:30pm
ReDefine Wellness, 333B Beach Rd
Free: Register here

Saturday 7th October 2pm-4pm
In Good Hands Therapy, 20 Maxwell Road
Maxwell House, #07-18C
Free: Register here

Thursday 2nd November 10am-12pm
ReDefine Wellness, 333B Beach Rd
Free: Register here

Tuesday, 7th November 7:30-9:30pm
ReDefine Wellness, 333B Beach Rd
Free: Register here

Reiki Healing Group, Weekly Tuesdays

12noon-1pm, One Heart, 37 Tembeling Rd,
$10: Register here

A delightful time to decompress, heal and experience Reiki in your own hands.  This session is open to Reiki students and complete beginners.

Those new to Reiki are welcome to attend as we offer a Heart attunement to anyone wanting to experience the Reiki flowing through their own hands.  This is an experiential session with minimal introduction, so please be prepared to go with the flow!  The group Reiki healing involves small groups of 3 sharing Reiki with one another for a deeper healing and relaxing experience.  For beginners this is an interesting experience as often people can feel the Reiki energy sensations as they place their hands on others.  It is a good way to feel confident that you can easily learn Reiki for yourself.

Monthly Reiki Group

with Ron Wu
Friday 30th June 7-9.30pm, Friday 28th July 7-9.30pm
Blk109B Depot Road
$10: Register Here

Open to all levels of Reiki practitioners and newbies. It’s about wanting to just hang out for some Reiki. Having trouble sharing and describing what Reiki is with your friends and family? Would you like experience for yourself how a Reiki family is like? Join us for some Reiki Share.

Ron is opening his home once a month to share Reiki. It’s just a gathering of friends from the Reiki Community. That’s the simplest way to feel and experience Reiki. See you soon?