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Gitta Van Roy

Gitta was introduced to Reiki a few years ago by accident when a friend needed someone to practice on. Even though very skeptical, the immediate effects were so unexpected that it sparked her curiosity.  It eventually led her to her own Reiki practice (especially in the busier times!) and a deeper love for sharing it with others.

She feels Reiki is the energy that is weaving an invisible thread through all and harmonizing our lives on the most fundamental level, like the quality of air you breathe, and permeates your whole being and life :). Through her sharing she aspires to make the harmonizing qualities and sensations of that energy accessible to others, so one may feel more clear and supported while lessening the stresses and shifting any inner or outer blockages, all leading to a deeper inner peace and a life lived more fully from the heart.

Besides Reiki she offers Kundalini Yoga, OSHO meditations and shares therapeutic sessions in Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release System (BBTRS®) as well as bodywork.

Gitta will be traveling around quite often in 2018 (most likely Europe and SEAsia) so find out if she’s nearby to you for a session through or!


Upcoming Events

Reiki 1 Training : February  3 – 4  (Belgium, Antwerp)