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Fiona Koh

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” This adage was so true when Fiona was at an all time low in her life. The daily demands of life, and stresses of Corporate life were taking a toll on her health and emotional state. Reiki helped her improve her health (while eliminating the use of medications) and helped her find calm and balance within.

Fiona discovered the wonderful world of Reiki in 2008 and has been teaching since 2011. Fiona’s workshops are filled with examples, hands-on experiences and conducted in an interactive and light-hearted way. Her aim is to help people recognize that in this crazy modern world, we each have the ability to heal ourselves, to find our centre and balance once again. Besides teaching Reiki, Fiona is a trained counsellor, a Corporate Coach and also conducts crystal workshops and Kundalini Yoga.

Upcoming Reiki classes:

Reiki 1, $450:

March, Saturday 10th-Sunday 11th, 10am-5pm

April, Saturday 21st-Sunday 22nd, 10am-5pm

Reiki 2, $510:

MaySaturday 12th-Sunday 13th, 10am-5pm

Fiona also conducts Reiki workshops overseas. Write to Fiona at to explore.