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Distance Reiki Healing, is it Effective?

Posted in About Reiki, and New to Reiki

Way back when I was a Reiki Novice, I thought the idea of sending healing was absolutely ridiculous.  That was also the time before internet, wireless mobile phones, and the world wide web…amazing what technology can do to open minds to new possibilities!

Distance Reiki is no more ridiculous then the idea of you reading this post right now – probably via wireless internet.  Reiki sent through the ether can be as, if not more, effective than Reiki done face to face.  It affects many levels of healing and often works at the root cause of illness or trauma creating more dramatic long term shifts and changes.  Taking the leap to learning Reiki level 2 is obviously the best way to experiment and see for yourself, but asking someone else to send you distance healing can also be an interesting way to experience a deeper level of healing.  It can often be very subtle.  Unlike hands on healing where it is common to feel sensations of heat or tingling, distance healing often produces very subtle sensations such as calmness, vibrations, increased peace and often more vivid dreams or sudden awarenesses.

We recommend distance healing for deep seated problems or issues, emotional trauma and stuck beliefs that you want to shift.

Please contact one of the Teachers if you would like to book a series of sessions.