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Continuing your Reiki Training with us if you come from a different Teacher

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From Different Lineages of Reiki:

If you come from a different lineage than Usui, you need to start at Level 1 as each lineage (eg Angelic, Karuna, Kundalini, Tibetan Reiki) has a completely different attunement system and quality of energy.  In effect other forms of Reiki are different modalities.

For Usui Reiki students:

If you would like to take our Level 1 class to refresh your training, or see a different perspective we offer a 25% discount to any Reiki student with a Reiki 1 certificate or other valid proof of attendance of an Usui Reiki 1 class.

Going on to Level 2:

For students interested in Level 2, please first make sure you come from the Usui/Takata lineage.  If not, you need to resit Level 1 as above.

Guidelines to consider:

  1. Was your Level 1 class much less than 10 hours in length?
  2. Was your Level 1 class bundled with Level 2 at the same time?
  3. Was your Level 1 class bundled with other modalities or therapies?

If yes to any of these, you should consider beginning at Level 1 to build a strong foundation for Level 2.

We also recommend you download Elaine Grundy’s book which outlines many of the Reiki 1 techniques as well as the theory we teach in class:

We offer a 25% discount if you have a Reiki 2 certificate or other valid proof of attendance of an Usui Reiki 2 class.

For Usui/Takata students going on to Level 3/Master:

For the Level 3/Masters training you need to have a strong alignment and foundation with the lineage of Reiki we teach at the Reiki Centre.  You need to resit level 2 with a Reiki Centre trained teacher before you can be eligible for Level 3.  If you have your Level 1 and 2 Certificates, you are entitled to a 25% discount for the classes.

You may also enroll in the Online Reiki 2 class to meet our specifications, this must be completed at least 2 months before Reiki 3, and your original Reiki 2 Certificate must be dated at least 6 months before Reiki 3.

Please note that Master’s training is not automatic on completion of all previous levels and we reserve the right to decline your application for whatever reason.

The full information on Elaine Grundy’s Master’s training is here: