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Welcome to over 200 articles and videos on Reiki!  Enjoy!

New to Reiki
About Reiki

Why should you wait between levels?
Reiki and the benefits of Meditation
Distance Reiki Healing – is it Effective?
Introduction to Reiki Audio Talk
Video Tutorial: An Introduction of Reiki as Pure Energy
Learning Reiki for Yourself
Qualities of Reiki
The Iceberg Concept – Transcending suffering
Meditation for Dummies
The evolution of Medicine and Reiki
How to Choose the ‘Right’ Reiki Master
How Attunements Work
Can Reiki Cure Me
What is Reiki
More on Usui Reiki
Levels of Reiki explained

Case Studies

Reiki Experiments – Apples
Reiki Master Pooja Arora’s Reiki Story
Reiki Case Studies with Post-Surgery Recovery
Reiki Case Studies with Anxiety and Depression
Reiki and Pregnancy
Reiki Case Studies with Immunity
Reiki Case Studies with Cancer
Reiki Case Studies with Pain Management
Reiki Case Studies with Fibromyalgia
Reiki Rice Experiment
Reiki and Flowers Experiment

In the News

The Reiki Celebrity List


Reiki 3 Homework
Reiki Master Training
Continuing your Training with Us from a different Teacher

Reiki Blog
Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I wait between Reiki Levels
Reiki is making my mood and behaviour worse
How is Therapeutic Touch Different from Reiki?

Why did I start to cry when I gave someone Reiki?

Help! I am getting conflicting advice on Reiki, which is right?
Is it necessary to learn other forms of Reiki?
What do I do to become a Reiki practitioner?
How to overcome Panic Attacks
I’ve been thrown into chaos after Reiki 1
Could Reiki be tripping my house electrics?
What if I Don’t Feel Anything when I am Using Reiki?
Can Your Reiki Strength Diminish?
What is Lineage in Reiki?
My daughter is more agitated after Reiki
What should I be doing with my mind when I do Reiki?
Can I Reiki a patient in a coma?

Reiki Tips

Don’t believe in Reiki, believe in the Human Spirit
Dealing with your empathic/intuitive/psychic nature
The Importance of Self-Reiki
What should I be doing with my mind when I do Reiki?
Why do some people get better results with Reiki than others?

Getting Back into Reiki

Scale of Effectiveness for Reiki self-treatments

Emotional Detox – Is it Me, You, or Everyone?
Reiki Treatments and Tips to Boost Your Day!
I keep falling asleep during my Reiki self-treatment
Reiki and the Rhetoric of Reiki
Approaching Animals with Reiki

Enlightened Living

Inner peace but Outer chaos?
Creating Intimacy through Deep Listening
How to Meditate Properly – Top 3 Myths
Close the Gap
Protection against What?
Body, Mind, Spirit or Car, Driver, Road
Infinity Paths to Self-awareness
Reiki as a Doorway to Pure Presence
The Three Directions of Suffering
Empowering ourselves with Reiki
All Decisions have 3 options – stay/go/procrastinate!

Loving the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Self
The Four Stages of Awareness
The Difference Between ‘Do’ing and ‘Be’ing
Getting off Autopilot
Be True to Yourself
The Artichoke Theory of Personal Growth
Dealing with Energy Vampires
Stressful Beliefs block Creativity

Personal Experiences

Hawayo Takata’s House
Reiki, and When True Healing Begins

Reiki in the Childbearing Year
Bad versus Good Energy


Why do Advance Levels in Reiki?
What is Lineage in Reiki?
Reiki Research in hospitals and medical settings
The Rise of Complementary Therapy in Hospitals
Reiki and Meditation
The Reiki Centre Survey

Videos and Tutorials

Teachers, Resonance and Life Path
500 Hour Reiki Diploma – no ‘add-ons’

When Others Don’t Like Reiki
Responsibility and Relationships
Finding freedom in your Reiki practice
Why is Reiki not working?
What do I do with my mind during a Reiki healing?
Reiki is an Automatic process
Reiki moves as if by osmosis
Explaining the attunement
Differences between Chakra balancing and 12 Body Positions
Thinking of Others before Yourself – Case study (The stickmen)
Energy Interactions with Others (The stickmen)
Describing the Different Energies of the Body (The stickmen)
Why do you want a BIG Energy Field? (The stickmen)
Your Energy Explained at Different Levels of Reiki (The stickmen)
Manifestation Meditation (Audio)
I hour Reiki music with 5min bells
Chakra Meditations with healing attunements

Reiki Discussions

Dealing with ‘Reiki Disillusionment’
How do you define Reiki
Ten Rules of Reiki – Summary

Reiki Rule 1 – Reiki is All about YOU!
Reiki Rule 2 – Base your Practice on the Precepts
Reiki Rule 3 – Practise Mindfulness
Reiki Rule 4 – Work on Yourself Daily
Reiki Rule 5 – Commitment is the Key
Reiki Rule 6 – Don’t Try Too Hard
Reiki Rule 7 – You Don’t Need to be Perfect
Reiki Rule 8 – Don’t Try to Puzzle Out Why
Reiki Rule 9 – Trust Your Intuition
Reiki Rule 10 – Ignore Silly Rules and Regulations

Reiki and Other Modalities

Do you choose Reiki or Meditation?
Writing your Ideal Scene
Usui Reiki vs. Kundalini Reiki

Reiki and Hypnotherapy: An Interview with Hypnotherapist and Reiki Teacher Karen
Combining Reiki with Other Therapies
Reiki and Yoga – An Insight from Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor Gauri Ramirez
Myths and Reiki – Vipassana and Reiki do not mix

Book Review

Book Review: Reiki and the Seven Chakras
Book Review: The Healing Power of Reiki – Raven Keyes
Book Review: The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr Mikao Usui – Dr Mikao Usui and Frank Arjava Petter
Book Review: The Reiki Bible: The Definitive Guide to Healing with Energy
Book Review: This is Reiki – Frank Arjava Petter
Book Review: Animal Reiki – Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad
Book Review: Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide – Pamela Miles

Reiki 2 (Advanced)

Frequently Asked Questions

Reiki 2 – lots of questions! Is this right?

Building your Healing Practice

Moving into Healing as a Career
Dealing with Transference in Reiki healing
Emotional Detox – Is it Me, You or Everyone?
What Should I Be Doing When I am Giving Healing

Why do I Feel Drained After Giving a Reiki Treatment
Feeling Heavy after giving a treatment

Reiki Sending

How to word sending labels to important events
Do I always need to get permission when I send Reiki to others?
Expectations and Reiki Sending Pitfalls
Healing Energetic ties in Relationships
Sending Reiki to your disturbing Dreams
Sending Reiki to a deceased loved one
Reiki Sending to the Essence
Reiki Sending Wording: The Universe is 100% Literal

Sending Reiki to Affirmations

Using Reiki to Release Karmic Relationship Bonds
Creating a Sacred Space with Reiki Symbols
The Morphic Field and Reiki Symbols