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Clare Chiang

clareClare had her first taste of Reiki when her friend offered her a private healing session in 2010. She left the session feeling a deep sense of peace and calm, and a lightness of being that she had never experienced before. She never stopped thinking about that blissful day and, 5 years later in 2015, embarked on a life-changing journey to learn the gift of Reiki.

One of the main motivations which spurred Clare on, is the ability to provide healing support to her loved ones overseas in times of need. But beyond this, Clare discovered that at the very core of Reiki, is an intimate journey of self-healing towards overall wellness, greater awareness and, deep personal growth. The shift of mindset from being a victim of circumstance to taking ownership of being the creator of her own reality, trusting that life supports her, being mindfully aware of the present and practicing gratitude daily — these are some of the pivotal transformations which Reiki has nurtured.

Through Reiki, Clare has learnt that true happiness and peace comes from within. She is deeply passionate about inspiring others to uncover this potential within themselves, and hopes to guide them on their healing journey towards a more holistic and fulfilled life.