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Why do Advance Level Usui Reiki?

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One of the more surprising aspects of the Reiki Survey was the significant improvement in benefits perceived by the higher levels of training.  This was something I was not expecting when I ran the report though with reflection it certainly makes sense.  Level 2 is a quantum leap in many ways as it takes self-healing to a higher and more deliberate level.  At the most basic level with Reiki we Read More Why do Advance Level Usui Reiki?

What is Lineage in Reiki?

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Someone’s lineage may seem a minor point, or even irrelevant, when discussing something like Reiki and it may not be important to you at all, but it is an interesting distinction to get clear in your head, whether it bears any importance to you or not. Your lineage is your line of energy connecting you to Usui. It’s where your Reiki comes from much like your ancestral line, and it Read More What is Lineage in Reiki?

Reiki research in Hospitals and medical settings

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Over the years Reiki has become better researched as hospitals and clinics try to find ways to compliment their patient care.  I’m often asked if Reiki has any basis in scientific research, and this is my reply 🙂

IARP has put together a great summary of the research done in hospitals and clinics.

According to an International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) study of “America’s Best Hospitals” (the top 25 Read More Reiki research in Hospitals and medical settings

Hawayo Takata’s House

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My Reiki colleague, Axel Ebert, had the pleasure of visiting Hawayo Takata’s home recently and here are his thoughts and photos!

A little research on the internet led me to the newspaper ad, that Mrs. Takata had published in March 1941 after having learned Reiki from Dr. Chujiro Hayashi:

Reiki treatments, massage, cabinet baths.
Mrs. H. Takata, 2070 Kilauea Ave., Waiakea Homesteads.

The place and thus the house, Read More Hawayo Takata’s House

The Rise of Complementary Therapy in Hospitals

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“Providing quality care is part of the culture and mission of every hospital. The rise in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) reflects the continued effort on the part of hospitals and caregivers to broaden the vital services they provide to patients. Hospitals have long known that what they do to treat and heal involves more than just medications and procedures. It is about using all of the art and science Read More The Rise of Complementary Therapy in Hospitals

Reiki and Meditation

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Reiki works much like meditation and our brain uses it to promote alpha and theta brain waves.  The brain is seen to produce different frequencies of electrical activity across its neurons depending on what it is doing. Alpha waves are predominantly associated with states of relaxation, a calm wakefulness. These waves can be produced by closing your eyes, relaxing and becoming still. Theta waves are more predominant in skilled meditators Read More Reiki and Meditation

The Reiki Centre Survey

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Reiki SurveyDid you know?

1. Reiki is overwhelming successful for increasing positive mental states

87% of people noticed more peace after Reiki
80% noticed more happiness
80% experienced less stress

2. Reiki is culmulative

People who self-Reiki daily experience three times more benefits than those who self-Reiki less than one hour per week.

3. Reiki is successful in helping a wide range of issues

The full report highlights over 200 Read More The Reiki Centre Survey

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