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Category: Reiki Blog

Video Collection: What do I do with my mind during Reiki healing?

Posted in Reiki Tips, Tips and Techniques, and Videos and Tutorials

Many healers think their job is to ‘fix’ their clients, in Reiki healing we encourage people to focus on being present and open and stop cluttering up the space with their unnecessary thinking. The real gift is in your ability to fully accept and be OK with everything exactly as…

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Dealing with your Intuitive/Empathic/Psychic nature

Posted in Body Mind Spirit, and Reiki Tips

I often get emails asking for help around the issue of ‘opening’. For many of us, as children, we had abilities beyond what our adult caregivers could fathom, and so we were told we were either ‘imagining’ things, or downright crazy. This was certainly my experience, and so I hid…

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How deep are you willing to go?

Posted in Personal Experiences, Personal Growth, and Sending

Tenacity and dedicated sincerity are critical to uncover your inner truth. Most of us give up without even scratching the surface, or we go looking for another modality, another ‘guru’, another distraction, and then wonder why we are ultimately getting nowhere. Reiki Master training is an intense opportunity to drill…

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