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How to Meditate Properly – Three Top Myths

Posted in Enlightened Living, and Reiki Blog

Think Meditation is about clearing the mind?  Sitting in uncomfortable positions?  Believe Meditation should give you inner peace?  Think again!

Meditation has become a hot topic in recent years as more and more research attests to the great benefits attributed to regular sessions of quietening the mind.  However there is just as much confusion on how meditation should be done, and plenty of myths on the ‘right’ way to do Read More How to Meditate Properly – Three Top Myths

The Importance of Self-Reiki

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Like a broken record, I have been known to drone on and on about the importance of self-treatments in Reiki, ‘You can’t help others unless you help yourself first’, ‘if your energy is low, you can’t heal others’ blah blah as people’s eyes glaze over and doggy nodding begins its automatic response.  Luckily I’ve been vindicated with a recent question – answer – result from the lovely Angela…thank you!

Angela Read More The Importance of Self-Reiki

Reiki is making my mood and behaviour worse

Posted in FAQ, and Reiki Blog

“My mood & behaviour has always been normal. However, towards the 3rd of 4th week after daily practice of Reiki, I started to have disturbed sleeping patterns where I will wake up in the middle of the night and am not able to get back to sleep until early morning. Having not been able to sleep well, the mood swings kick in. I have headaches and am frustrated easily. And Read More Reiki is making my mood and behaviour worse

Writing your Ideal Scene

Posted in Reiki and Other Modalities, and Reiki Blog

I can’t believe its been 10 years since I wrote my first ‘Ideal Scene’!  Its become an annual institution at the Reiki Centre with many of us gathering at the special end of year Reiki share to write together.  We build an amazing energy to co-create and be inspired, my favourite Reiki share of the year!

It’s so simple and so effective.  The first time I wrote this I was Read More Writing your Ideal Scene

Why do Advance Level Usui Reiki?

Posted in Reiki Blog, Reiki Tips, and Research

One of the more surprising aspects of the Reiki Survey was the significant improvement in benefits perceived by the higher levels of training.  This was something I was not expecting when I ran the report though with reflection it certainly makes sense.  Level 2 is a quantum leap in many ways as it takes self-healing to a higher and more deliberate level.  At the most basic level with Reiki we Read More Why do Advance Level Usui Reiki?

Close the Gap

Posted in Enlightened Living, and Reiki Blog

Often we overlook the fact that in our personal growth the only thing we need to focus on is the gap between reality, and our perception.  Reality is what is actually happening.  Our perception is what we think should be happening.  when the reality and what we think should be happening is the same, life flows and we are happy…we are getting our way.  But when things start to diverge, Read More Close the Gap

Reiki and the Rhetoric of Reiki

Posted in Reiki Blog, and Reiki Tips

….Reiki is NOT a belief system!!!!!

The unfortunate consequence of Reiki having no intrinsic philosophy or rhetoric is it opens the doors to immense misunderstanding. When it goes into a culture of a country it morphs to suit the country. This is absolutely fine and practical in order to open people to coming to learn Reiki, it can often be helpful to ‘tweak’ the story. The first known ‘tweak’ came Read More Reiki and the Rhetoric of Reiki

Protection against what?

Posted in Enlightened Living, FAQ, and Reiki Blog

I often get asked a question around how to use Reiki to protect yourself against ‘negative’ energies and its always a good opportunity to bust some myths around our deep seated superstitions and beliefs about good and bad energies. Reiki is beyond, or deeper than, or before, duality. That means Reiki exists before good and bad, up and down, big and small, light and dark. Reiki is Universal energy; that Read More Protection against what?

Spirituality and Reiki

Posted in Body Mind Spirit, and Reiki Blog

I was asked some very interesting questions around spirituality and Reiki recently, and they really helped to focus my thoughts around this topic. Often in our work we are perceived as very ‘woowoo’ and alternative, but actually what we do with Reiki is deeply integrated into our ability to fully live life, and to feel whole and connected.

Energy is impossible to define; even scientists don’t know what it is. Read More Spirituality and Reiki

What is Lineage in Reiki?

Posted in FAQ, Reiki Blog, and Research

Someone’s lineage may seem a minor point, or even irrelevant, when discussing something like Reiki and it may not be important to you at all, but it is an interesting distinction to get clear in your head, whether it bears any importance to you or not. Your lineage is your line of energy connecting you to Usui. It’s where your Reiki comes from much like your ancestral line, and it Read More What is Lineage in Reiki?

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