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Author: Elaine Grundy

Reiki Master since 1995, teaching in Singapore and founder of the Reiki Centre. Author of "Reiki, Pure and Simple".

How deep are you willing to go?

Posted in Personal Experiences, Personal Growth, and Sending

Tenacity and dedicated sincerity are critical to uncover your inner truth. Most of us give up without even scratching the surface, or we go looking for another modality, another ‘guru’, another distraction, and then wonder why we are ultimately getting nowhere. Reiki Master training is an intense opportunity to drill…

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Do you choose Reiki or Meditation?

Posted in Body Mind Spirit, Enlightened Living, FAQ, Miscellaneous, and Reiki and Other Modalities

Q. If you have limited time, would you spend the 30/60mins Reiki-ing yourself OR meditating? Is there a difference?  To me there is.  Meditation, in its purest sense, is the balance of doing nothing – which of course is a paradox but in its deepest sense, true.  Meditation is the…

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Distance Reiki Healing, is it Effective?

Posted in About Reiki, and New to Reiki

Way back when I was a Reiki Novice, I thought the idea of sending healing was absolutely ridiculous.  That was also the time before internet, wireless mobile phones, and the world wide web…amazing what technology can do to open minds to new possibilities! Distance Reiki is no more ridiculous then…

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How to Meditate Properly – Three Top Myths

Posted in Enlightened Living, and Reiki Blog

Think Meditation is about clearing the mind?  Sitting in uncomfortable positions?  Believe Meditation should give you inner peace?  Think again! Meditation has become a hot topic in recent years as more and more research attests to the great benefits attributed to regular sessions of quietening the mind.  However there is…

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