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Advanced Development Skills

Singapore workshops @ One Heart, November 2018

Reiki Attunements, stepping into Master’s energy

This day gathering is for Reiki Level 3 students and Masters, we will share heart attunements and journey deeper into the Master’s energy to explore any issues, obstacles or common blocks students may find at this stage of their Reiki journey.

This day will be a fluid program depending on the gathering but will include:

  • Heart attunement revision and sharing of Reiki 3 tools and techniques
  • Discussion and Q&A around any issues the group is finding challenging
  • Introduction to deeper meditation and opening techniques
  • Introduction to the skill of self-inquiry based on The Work of Byron Katie

Thursday 8th November, 10am-5pm
Fee: $200
Pre-requisite: Reiki Level 3 or above, trained with a Reiki Centre trained Teacher

Diving into Reiki Mastership

This day is designed for Reiki Masters interested in growing their Reiki business and understanding blocks or resistance to their success.  Often we create obstacles unconsciously as a way of resisting coming fully into our power.  Using both Reiki techniques and tools from Law of Attraction and constellations we will use the day to explore our subconscious patterns of behaviors and gain clarity on what we want and the unfolding direction.

This day is also about building connections and sharing for our Reiki Teacher community to strengthen bonds and mutual understanding.

Friday 9th November, 10am-5pm
Fee: $200
Pre-requisite: Reiki Master Teacher, trained with a Reiki Centre trained Teacher