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About Us

Founded by Elaine Grundy in 2007, the Reiki Centre specializes in teaching Usui Reiki, an energy therapy originating from Japan in the early 1900s, developed by Mikao Usui.  Our focus is on providing a high quality Reiki education free from dogma or belief systems.  We believe in supporting our students through their own journey of self-discovery and self-healing and we do not teach Reiki with any religious or cultural nuance.

All Reiki Teachers listed hold The Reiki Centre’s rigorous Reiki Master Teacher 200 hour Certification but are independent and follow their own hearts and methodology for teaching Reiki.  We have a similar Reiki philosophy and this influences the way we teach and support our students.

Our Philosophy:

  • Reiki is a self-empowering modality
  • Reiki is used by our body’s innate wisdom to bring balance
  • Reiki is free from belief systems
  • Reiki is a tool for personal growth and clarity of our inner truth.

All teachers follow a similar class scope and timing as described in the Class descriptions, but they are also teaching from their own unique perspectives and may add different modalities or aspects not covered here.

All teachers are independent and their views and opinions, their methodologies and classes do not necessarily represent the views of The Reiki Centre.

The Reiki Centre honours the inspiration and support from The Reiki Network, Elaine’s first Reiki community, and of course her teachers, John and Esther Veltheim.  Check out our Reiki Lineage here.